Feeling Overworked, Underpaid, And Frustrated In Your Art Business?

Take The First Step And Start Teaching Your Art Online!

"Mastering Your Topic, And Finding Your Audience."

About This Workshop

If you're a professional, independent artist, you know how hard it can be to make a living practicing your craft. Art shows, commissions, custom jobs....it's all a lot of work, and often doesn't bring in the kind of income you would hope for.
Someone once said to me, "You make a lot more money by teaching what you know, instead of doing what you know." It's so true!

In this workshop, I'm going to show you how to grow your art business like never before, without making more art, and without killing yourself anymore.

In The Workshop You'll Learn:

  • How To Take Advantage Of The Incredible Opportunities For Artists Right Now
  • How To Find The First Steps To Finding The Perfect Topic To Teach, Test It, And Find Your Audience
  • How Easy It Is To Build Your Business With Simple Tools, And Strategies
  • How To Clone Yourself šŸ˜‰
Be sure to stay to the end to receive all the benefits of the information in the workshop, the free downloads, and a special offer I make only to attendees of this workshop!

Your Instructor

Theresa Eldridge
Creative Business Strategist
Terry Eldridge Creative Business Strategist, Zenso Creative LLC
Terry has a long history as an entrepreneur, and mixed media artist, helping dozens of artists over the past several years, grow their businesses online. She has developed an easy to follow framework for helping artists learn how to substantially increase their income by publishing online art classes, streamlining their business, and setting up simple systems to help their businesses run smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Her winning combination of online learning, and 1:1 group coaching with plenty of individual attention for the artists she serves, has proven invaluable to artists dedicated to growth, more income, and more freedom.
Thank you for so generously offering your assistance in what we newbies see as roadblocks! It makes a world of difference to have these valuable resources to make our big dreams come to fruition.
Michelle Bergman~Michelle Bergman Studio
I had been trying for ten years to put my classes online, and Terry finally helped me make that dream come true!
Ellie Ellis~Elite Artistry By Ellie
Iā€™m so thankful for all you are doing for us! You are an amazing mentor and friend!
Patty Presto~On The Surface